Why does Network Marketing work?

Why networking

Network Marketing does work and it is more fun then going to a 9 to 5 job, which now a days leaves you on call to your boss 24/7!

Learning about the best business model to achieve financial and time freedom is a must. We all desire to live our dreams. Many business models, JOBS, cause us to stop dreaming. If you have lost the dream. Knowledge applied correctly will help you restore them and fulfill them. Did you retire and now have to return to the workforce to make ends meet. Guess what? If you have not retired the same will happen more than likely as inflation robs you of your retirement nest egg. Here is how to restore DREAMS. Examples below.

Insurance sales and Real Estate brokers. Insurance sales you understand residual income. Real Estate Brokers you understand Leveraged income.

What is the difference?

1. The insurance agent has to continually work to get paid and sign up new customers and service them. They work for an Agency and government requirement must be maintained. The work never ends but it is residual income.

2. Real Estate Brokers benefit from the labor of others. They get a cut of all the work the agents do. The Broker always makes more than an agent. They have a model where they devise a system and the agents do 100% of the work the Broker gets a cut.

In both cases no one is mad or angry that these people earn their living with this business model.

3. Along comes a company that offers you the ability to be a 1099 self employed, no boss, no employees independent associate. They did everything for you to set up a proven system. They educate you free. They have a business plan designed to compensate you for sharing and helping them market a membership or product that grants you access to wholesale items or assets for example.

The pay is weekly depending on meeting specified goals. The more goals achieved the higher the weekly pay. Once you have met specific goals through recruit marketing you develop other self motivated 1099 independent associates. After doing the work once you now are free to enjoy the time and money you now earn. Through duplication you gain financial and time freedom…….

Which process would you rather be part of? 1, 2, or 3?

Feel free to message me for more information or go to my profile and learn all about it. No pressure. The information is all there. You ask, you learn, you make an informed decision. We all win.

VERY LOW start up cost. VERY LOW overhead cost. Low risk. High return.

Looking for a Company to check out?  Let me know.  I work with a Company that has a great track record.

They are on a mission to change the world….

  • They have 100+myears of successful business experience between them.
  • They have changed multiple industries for the better
  • They have a passion for helping the average person get ahead
  • $2 Billion company exists today because of this group
  • They have shared abilities but unique strengths

This is their message:

We have created this company because we genuinely want to improve the lives of people around the world.  We have watched way too many of our friends struggle as the economy fluctuates, employment issues arise, or unexpected changes come up in life.  Using the power of Gold and Silver, we believe we can provide a way for people to create financial independence, preserve their wealth, and live an exceptional life.  We started this company because we believe in you!

Ask yourself….

  1. How would it feel to know that you had full control over your financial future?
  2. What would you do with an extra $500 – $1000 a month?
  3. How would your lif be different if you had more time to do what you love?


Leave me a comment below and let me know when you want to get started with the rest of your life?

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