Collecting Gold and Silver

Collecting Gold and Silver

Collecting Gold and Silver will never go out of style or lose its value? Our American dollar is losing its value more and more.  A gold coin in 1932 was worth $20 the same 1 oz gold coin is worth around $1,900 in today’s market (2021).  The American dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on.  This is why I believe there is no better time than now to start collecting gold and silver as an investment strategy!

Fun Collecting Gold and Silver coins

I look forward to my FedX delivery every month.  It is like Christmas in a box.   Especially when I get one of the specialty coins like the ones below.

The perfect example is below:

In the above video, I show just one of the Ali baba coins.  There are 3 of them in the collection.  Here is the whole collection below.  This is why I love to collect gold and silver.

collecting gold and silver
Ali Baba in an Antique finish










You see we have come up with a plan that helps the everyday American to automatically receive a coin each month.  Most people do not have the discipline to save on a regular basis.  We take the guesswork out of it.

We have what you call the coin of the month club.  It is a genius way of looking at how we can save on a regular basis.  We show you how easy it is to save all while building up your Silver collection.

You too will learn to be excited when the FedX makes a delivery to your house. You can get started today.  Don’t put your ability to buy Silver from a direct seller in jeopardy.   We eliminate the middleman so you can get the best price.

We have two ways to get started.  we have a standard plan and a premium plan.  It all depends on if you want to just purchase silver at the best price or if you want to be able to create an extra income.

We also have 3 different plans for a coin of the month.  There are 3 coins of the month.  Basic, variety, and specialty coin of the month.

You should really check it out here!

Don’t make this mistake

A million-dollar mistake that was made once, does not deserve to be repeated.

This is how it goes.  If you have purchased an MS70 Silver Eagle every month since 1986, it would have cost you $40,000 – $50,000


Numismatic MS70 Silver Eagles coin values:

  • 2012 MS-70  $150
  • 1996 MS-70  $6,000
  • 1999 MS-70  $19,000

Collecting gold and silver is just a start

We have different ways of collecting.  You can get bullion bars in either gold or silver, jewelry, coins, and specialty coins like the one in my video above.  The ball is in your court.  It all depends on how much or little you want and how much you can afford.

That is the beauty of this plan.  Some people have very little to invest and this is great for you.  You can start very small and work your way up.  It really is a great plan for wherever you are on the investing spectrum.

Are you working harder for your money?  Why not let your money work for you instead!

5 Reasons for sound money

5 reasons for sound money
5 Reasons for sound money









When you sign up with our company, you not only get to purchase precious metals, but you have the opportunity to earn an extra income all the while you will be collecting gold and silver for yourself. Just share with people who you would love to help to get a collection of precious metals for themselves.

Look at it this way.  You go to a fancy restaurant and you fall in love with the food, ambiance, and service.  So what do you do?  You tell your best friends about it and then they go to the restaurant and fall in love with the place also.  What did you get from the owner of that restaurant?  Nothing but maybe a thank you.

With our company, you get paid for helping others to start creating a collection of gold and silver of their own.  No harm done and you would feel great knowing that you are helping others.

This is what freedom is all about.  The freedom to share or the freedom to invest in yourself and your future.

Why share how to collect gold and silver Program

This is really self-explanatory.   Just share it and then you can start earning as little as $500 a week.  It does take a little work, but well worth it in the long term.  As you are sharing, you are also investing in your own little nest egg of precious metals.

I started with getting in on the coin of the month and in two years I have quite a collection.   Besides the coin of the month, they also do “coin drops” which are awesome.  Below is a collection I got of Daffy Duck and his pals.  It makes the coins more valuable if you have the whole collection.  This collection had 6 coins.  They are 1/2 oz. coins.

I bought a few extra ones and gave them to my great-grandchildren for Christmas.  The 3-year-old was so excited because she was just starting to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons and the daffy duck coin was her favorite.

collecting gold and silver series
You can have a collection like this










What are you doing to ensure your financial stability in these trying times?  Like I said, “the American dollar is losing its value, but gold and silver will only go up in value” and you can take that to the bank.

Only you can make the decision to invest in precious metals.  Come join a winning team that has your best interest at heart.

We believe in you!





Make it a great day

Irene Franzese


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