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I started stacking precious metals 3 years ago.  An excellent friend of mine suggested I take a look at this company.  I really trusted this guy, but I wanted to do some research on my own.  I always believed you should never take someone’s word without checking things out for yourself.

My journey into stacking precious metals

This company started about 7 years ago with 4 gentlemen who got together with a dream of being able to collect gold and silver for the average citizen.  Most companies require a significant investment upfront to be able to purchase any kind of coins of value from their company.

This company is totally different.  They operate like a sams club.  In fact, that is where the original idea was born.  One of the owners was into collecting coins but was finding it hard to find a reputable company to buy from and wanted to purchase with a small amount of money to start. That was not possible at the time.

He went into Sams one day and asked the service people if he could buy gold or silver coins and they said they did not offer that for their customers.  He said why not?  And that is how this company was formed.

They created a company with a yearly subscription that allows you to be able to buy gold and silver coins and collectibles at a reasonable price and then deliver them right to your doorstep.

I wrote a blog post about why I invest in gold and silver, check it out.

That is what I loved most about this company.  3 years later and I am a stacking precious metals wizard.  I am on a coin of the month.  This means that every month they send me a Numismatic coin via Fed-ex.


Besides collecting Numismatic collectibles I also purchase silver 1oz coins as you can see at the bottom of the above photo.  I preserve them in plastic cases so they won’t turn colors.  And at the top right-hand corner is two cases of 20 1oz coins that I keep sealed.

Up at the top leaning on my coin case is my Washington collection of 7 coins depicting the life and times of George Washington.  Having a full collection will only go up in value as the years go by.  This is something I collect to hand down to the next generation.

What I learned about collecting 

After 3 years of collecting I can tell you that this is not my full collection.  And stacking all my silver I can tell you that I have met so many nice people along my journey.  People that have helped and guided me in the right direction.  I am so glad I took my friend’s advice and started stacking precious metals way back 3 years ago.

Just look at where our nation is today.  I truly believe that we are going back to a nation where our dollar is going to be backed by precious metals.  if you have not started collecting precious metals, I urge you to start immediately.  I know some experts that predict that silver will surpass gold in its value.  The evil people that have been running our Government have been manipulating the stock market for years.  They have been suppressing the true value of silver for years.

I  pray every day that people will start waking up to the fact that we have been lied to for years.  The value of our dollar is worthless.  The fiat dollar is soon going away, thank God, and a new rainbow currency will be backed by precious metals.  I have been following this for over 2 years now.  Biden is not my President.  Their administration committed a coup on November 3rd, 2020 when they stole the election.  They committed treason and will pay for their fraudulent election of 2020.

Didn’t mean to get off topic but I can’t help it when we have an idiot running our Government.  We will have justice.  Again I urge you to start stacking precious metals because our country is about to change in a big way.  You want to start preparing yourself now!

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