Why should you stack Gold and Silver coins

Why stack Gold and Silver coins?  Why not?  Especially the way our American dollar is headed.  A dollar is worth a lot less than it was 20 years ago.  Let’s face it, your money does not buy what it used to buy.  I see it every time I go to the grocery store.

Just a few years ago I could purchase a week’s worth of groceries for about $100 for 2 people.  Now in the year 2021, it is between $135 and 150.  That is incredible.

Gold and Silver bullion are two of the most sought-after assets for most investors.  But what about the average Joe.  Most people think that they don’t have the money to invest in precious metals.  They believe they have to have a lot of money to invest.

Before we go any further, some people want to know if gold and silver coins are available in their state?  Check out this post I did on:  What states have accepted gold and silver as legal tender.

How to collect coins regularly with ease

I am here to tell you that you can start stacking coins today.   I work with a company that helps the average Joe the ability to be able to buy some Gold and Silver with either a little amount of money or a lot of money.

We try to get people used to buying a coin a month.  In this way, they don’t feel the impact of purchasing coins all at once.  Just think that after a year you will have 12 beautiful coins that grow in value over time.  I am talking about Numismatic coins.  This makes it easier to stack gold and silver coins.

These are collectible coins that will be worth more money in a few years than what you paid for them.  And the most important part is you can’t wait for the Fed-ex truck to arrive with your beautiful new coin.

Check out my video to the right that says “Christmas in April.”

Stacking Gold and Silver bullion is how people accumulate Gold and Silver in a physical form.  There is something about actually holding these coins in the palm of your hand.  It just feels right!

Most people who stack these coins hold on to them for the long term.  That is why most people stack Gold and Silver for their future or their children’s future.

Good reasons for collecting gold and silver coins?

Silver and gold are two coveted precious metals that, over 5,000 years, have outlasted virtually any civilization or economic system in existence today.  Imagine holding a stack of gold or silver in your hands.  I tell you it is a great feeling.

This last year has shown us that the United States is on an economic and political path like no other.  The dollar is not stable and we have to do something to keep whatever we have safe.  Should the world economies collapse and the dollar shrinks, people who have been stacking will sleep very well at night.

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Surely, the benefits of stacking silver and gold are many. They usually come down to one important thing: versatility. These metals can be traded with little hassle while offering security and personal wealth in ways that no other asset can.

Make the most of your investments!

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